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We Are Here to Help!

Have a question?  Great!  We are here to help and we try very hard to respond within 24 hours (whether from the U.S. or from China)!

North American Office:
Evergreen Cards USA
6854 Prince Dr
Colorado Springs, CO  80918

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(from the U.S or Canada)

Evergreen Cards’ North American Office, located in scenic Colorado Spring, CO, is dedicated to providing excellent order processing, shipping, and customer service for all of Evergreen Cards’ U.S.- and Canadian-based customers. It also provides support services for Evergreen Cards’ field staff and operations in China.

China Office:


Evergreen Cards Ltd.
13 Anzhen St S, 8th Alley
Yangqu, Taiyuan, Shanxi  030100

Email us (from China or Internationally)

Since 2003, Evergreen Cards has been bringing hope (both economic and spiritual) to poor families from the small villages in Yangqu County, Shanxi Province, China.

Australian Office:
Email us (from Australia)

Evergreen Cards’ Australian office, located in Turramurra, NSW, is dedicated to providing excellent order processing, in-country shipping, and customer service for Evergreen Cards’ Australian-based customers.  While the amount of inventory we keep at this location is not as great as in China or the U.S., if you will contact us with your needs far enough in advance, we can completely fill your orders and tremendously reduce associated shipping costs.

To contact Evergreen Cards USA’s parent organization, Shanxi Evergreen Service, please click here.