Important Notice: Evergreen Cards' U.S.-based warehouse and distribution office will be closed from March 20–April 5, 2023. Any orders placed during that time will be shipped out on April 6.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” C.S. Lewis

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Begun in early 2004, Evergreen Cards is an economic development project dedicated to providing job skills' training and work opportunities for low-income women in the small villages of Yangqu County, Shanxi Province, China.

In this poor, primarily agricultural rural area—where the annual average family income is still less than U.S. $400—many minimally-educated women must find a way to help provide for their families.  Sadly, the availability of wholesome work in these subsistence farming communities and villages is still virtually non-existent. 

There are also a significant number of women in these villages who, due to personal disabilities, have limited mobility.  Others are the primary care-givers for family members with severe health issues or disabilities.  All need to be able to work from home to provide for the needs of their families.

Evergreen Cards’ focus is to identify and interview families—showing dignity and respect—who face these kinds of difficult circumstances.  And then, reach out and empower these women in a tangible way through God’s love by teaching them the skill of hand-cutting cards and providing employment.

Today, with around 30 active card-cutters, Evergreen Cards annually produces tens of thousands of nearly 150 different designs of intricately beautiful, individually hand-cut greeting cards and laminated bookmarks.  This site, Evergreen Cards USA, serves as our primary distribution arm for the North American market.  

Evergreen Card Company

Meet a Few of Our Evergreen Card-Cutting Artisans

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Card-Cutting Requires Precision and Attention to Detail

Using Only Exacto Knives, Small Cutting Boards Covered with Beeswax and Card Templates Paper-clipped to Cardstock, Our Ladies Individually Hand-cut Stunning Greeting Cards that Rival Machine-Punched Cards from Anywhere!

The Tools of the Trade

After Personalized Training and Practice Card-Cutting, The Simple, Low-Cost Supplies Allow New Card-Cutters to Begin Earning Income Immediately!

One of the Villages Where Several of Our Card-Cutters Live

Yangqu is the Poorest County in the Mining and Agricultural Province of Shanxi

Evergreen Cards' Inventory & Raw Materials Warehouse

Keeping Materials and Finished Product Organized and Protected is a Key Part of Always Providing Top-Quality Greeting Cards